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vdrlive::RecordingsManager Class Reference

#include <recman.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for managing recordings inside the live plugin. It provides some convenience methods and provides automatic locking during requests on the recordings or during the traversion of the recordings tree or lists, which can only be obtained through methods of the RecordingsManager.

Definition at line 39 of file recman.h.

Public Member Functions

cRecording const * GetByMd5Hash (std::string const &hash) const
RecordingsListPtr GetRecordingsList (time_t begin, time_t end, bool ascending=true) const
RecordingsListPtr GetRecordingsList (bool ascending=true) const
RecordingsTreePtr GetRecordingsTree () const
std::string Md5Hash (cRecording const *recording) const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string const GetArchiveDescr (cRecording const *recording)
static std::string const GetArchiveId (cRecording const *recording)
static bool IsArchived (cRecording const *recording)

Static Private Member Functions

static RecordingsManagerPtr EnsureValidData ()

Private Attributes

cThreadLock m_recordingsLock

Static Private Attributes

static std::tr1::shared_ptr
< RecordingsList
static std::tr1::weak_ptr
< RecordingsManager
static int m_recordingsState = 0
static std::tr1::shared_ptr
< RecordingsTree


RecordingsManagerPtr LiveRecordingsManager ()

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