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tnt::regex Class Reference

#include <regex.h>

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Detailed Description

regex(3)-wrapper. Warning: incomplete, but sufficient for tntnet. Regular expression is not automatically freed. Tntnet needs to put regex into a stl-container, so it needs to be copyable. For this class to be complete, the regex_t needs to be reference-counted. This is unneeded for tntnet, because the regex is never freed anyway.

Definition at line 50 of file regex.h.

Public Member Functions

void free ()
bool match (const std::string &str_, int eflags=0) const
bool match (const std::string &str_, regex_smatch &smatch, int eflags=0) const
 regex (const std::string &ex, int cflags=REG_EXTENDED)
 regex (const char *ex, int cflags=REG_EXTENDED)

Private Member Functions

void checkerr (int ret) const

Private Attributes

regex_t expr


class value_type

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