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tnt::Job Class Reference

#include <job.h>

Inherited by tnt::Tcpjob.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Job - one per request

Definition at line 63 of file job.h.

Public Member Functions

unsigned addRef ()
void clear ()
unsigned decrementKeepAliveCounter ()
virtual int getFd () const =0
HttpMessage::Parser & getParser ()
HttpRequest & getRequest ()
virtual std::iostream & getStream ()=0
int msecToTimeout (time_t currentTime) const
unsigned release ()
virtual void setRead ()=0
virtual void setWrite ()=0
void touch ()

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned getKeepAliveMax ()
static unsigned getKeepAliveTimeout ()
static unsigned getSocketBufferSize ()
static unsigned getSocketReadTimeout ()
static unsigned getSocketWriteTimeout ()
static void setKeepAliveMax (unsigned n)
static void setSocketBufferSize (unsigned b)
static void setSocketReadTimeout (unsigned ms)
static void setSocketWriteTimeout (unsigned ms)

Private Attributes

unsigned keepAliveCounter
time_t lastAccessTime
HttpMessage::Parser parser
unsigned refs
HttpRequest request

Static Private Attributes

static unsigned keepalive_max
static unsigned socket_buffer_size
static unsigned socket_read_timeout
static unsigned socket_write_timeout

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